Clemton Park Public School

The History of Clemton Park Public School

(As presented on Harmony Day 2009)

My, my, my how our school has grown! It seems like only yesterday when the first students were enrolled here in 1929. Eighty years ago!

Many of you may think that this school has been like this forever. But back in the 1900s there wasn’t even a suburb called Clemton Park. Children went to nearby schools such as Belmore South, Campsie, Earlwood and Moorefield. These schools were getting too crowded and the community decided to build a school in their area known as ‘The School On The Hill’.

The area known as Clemton Park today was formally referred to as Earlwood. In 1925 the William Street progress and tramway extension league decided that the district known as Earlwood covered too large an area. It was proposed that a competition be held to create a new name for the area in the vicinity of William Street.

A man by the name of Mr Len Loxly suggested that the area be called Clemton Park. It is claimed that a man by the name of Frederick Moore Clements owned 42 acres of property between William Street and Bexley Rd in 1825 until 1911 when he sold it to Robert Woods Thurlow and John Robb Baxter Bruce.

Mr Clements was a very successful business man and was responsible for “Clement’s Tonic”. The advertising jingle used to say “Clements Tonic for nerve and brain Helps to make you well again”

A bit different to the types of jingles we’re used to!!

However, Mr Clements obviously didn’t use his miracle tonic himself - he died in August 1920

In 1925 a man named Mr. Moncur put a request into the department of education to build a school on Bexley Road. His first attempt was declined but he tried again and he successfully got permission to build a school in the area. The school was completed in 1929 at the cost of 8677 pounds.

The school known as the school on the hill was a 2 storey building with 6 class rooms, two staff rooms and a toilet block. It started off with 300 students with 50 in each class room.

The very first principal of our school was Mr Moran who was followed by Mr Buxton. Eighty years later, our principal is Mrs Angelica Lapi who is very proud to be here today.

We have some long standing teachers who have been at this school for around 20 years - Mr Simpkins and Mrs Neale. They must like it here! Let’s give them a clap.

The school got its official name of Clemton Park Public School in 1928. By August 1930 the school population rose to 450. Today we have 547 students attending our wonderful school – but we don’t have 50 in each classroom!!

Over time Clemton Park Public School has had its share of changes and these continue today with new buildings being built very soon.

This school is a very talented school and always has been, in particular in sports as you can see from the many trophies collected over the years. The school also offers a large variety of activities for students to excel in whether it is sport, musical or academic.

The school motto was and still is today ‘Vita Lampada which when translated into English means “Play the Game”.

We always succeed in one way or another at our sport and we never forget our great values Respect, Caring, Co-operation, Resilience, Commitment and Freedom.


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