Clemton Park Public School



Our School Rules


• Be safe

• Do your best

• Respect others

• Talk and listen politely

• Care for our environment


Parents of children who persistently disobey school rules will be notified. Assistance of the school counsellor may be sought in helping the child overcome problems. However, children and parents should be aware that the school will not hesitate to enforce the suspension policy should the situation warrant such measures.


Examples of acceptable behaviours are included on the behaviour grid below.


Our School Behaviour


School Rule

In the classroom, this covers:

Outside the classroom, this covers:

Be Safe

  • use equipment and furniture safely
  • move sensibly
  • walk quietly and carefully inside buildings
  • store bags in a safe, neat way
  • be sun safe - no hat, no play
  • play safe games - run only in open spaces
  • play sensibly on equipment and with sports equipment
  • walk on stairs, near toilets, near canteen, under walkways
  • stay inside the boundary - ask permission to leave playground
  • not playing in grounds before 8.30am or after 3:30pm

Do your best

  • listen and concentrate
  • complete work to the best of your ability
  • do quality work
  • use time wisely and stay on task
  • feel proud of your behaviour and your work
  • play fairly: be a good sport
  • set a good example for others
  • behave sensibly travelling to and from sport
  • behave sensibly on excursions

Respect others

  • cooperate - help each other
  • be polite and courteous
  • ask before you touch other people's property
  • consider other people's feelings (no racism, bullying, teasing or put downs)
  • play fairly - give others a fair go
  • share equipment/games - cooperate and take turns
  • be sensible
  • consider other's feelings
  • no aggressive behaviour

Talk and listen politely

  • listen to the talker
  • be attentive
  • speak clearly
  • take turns
  • use polite, positive language
  • use an appropriate voice
  • consider others' ideas for games
  • cooperate in decision making
  • take turns
  • use polite, positive language

Care for our environment

  • use materials wisely
  • reduce, reuse, recycle
  • tidy your space
  • store bags neatly
  • return equipment to the right place
  • save gas, water and electricity
  • do the right thing - keep playground tidy, keep toilets clean
  • save water - use what is needed
  • return sports equipment to the right place
  • care for the natural environment - do not climb trees
  • look after grass/garden areas by keeping off when asked

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